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Terms of website use and site membership

My request to use the site member content of The Christadelphian Advocate website is subject to my acceptance of the following terms:

  1. My identity – I am the person whose name I have provided and I am responsible for the email address and contact information provided.

  2. My reason – I choose to access this site for my personal use to learn about the Christadelphian understanding of God’s plan in the Bible and God’s requirements for salvation.

  3. My respect –  I will respect those who provide content, recognizing that they are expressing what they in their conscience believe to be true. 

  4. My commitment #1 – I will not share, transfer or reproduce information on this website in digital, audio or printed form or post it on a social media platform, website or any other channel without express written permission from an authorized representative of The Christadelphian Advocate.

  5. My commitment #2 – I will not provide my log-in access to the website to any third party and will act reasonably to keep my password confidential.  Should I have reason to believe that my password has been compromised, I will act promptly to reset it.

  6. My option – I can request to discontinue my site membership at any time by contacting the webmaster.

  7. Your option – I grant The Christadelphian Advocate the right to cancel my site membership at their sole discretion.

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