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An Appeal to Go With Us

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In the July issue

In his second epistle, the apostle Peter foretold that scoffers would come who would deliberately overlook the fact of Noah's flood.That inspired prediction suggests the evidence for the flood is all around us if our eyes are opened to behold it.

Investigate the evidence at hand from Scripture and other ancient records as well as earth’s landforms and fossil deposits.


Learn about other resources you can use, including a visit to The Ark Encounter and a classic book on the subject, The Genesis Flood.

May this issue strengthen our faith, not only in the flood but especially in the comparable great change Christ’s coming will mean for the world.


Evidence at hand - from Scripture and from other ancient records as well as the earth’s landforms and fossil deposits


Resources you can access, including visiting The Ark Encounter and reading a classic book, The Genesis Flood


The logistics of the ark and its role in preserving air-breathing life


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