Special Feature | From the Past

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

The Christadelphian Advocate | January 1919


Georgia and New Hampshire Aves., N. W.

Washington, D. C.

The last several weeks have been a period of trial, anxiety and much sorrow to our ecclesia.

There has been much sickness this Fall amongst our members, many suffering from influenza, but with none of us has it proven fatal. It came near to us though, when Brother and Sister G. B. Taylor lost their daughter Ruby. We know that when one of the members of the one body suffer all suffer, and so our sympathies went out to our Brother and Sister in their bereavement. "Sorrow endureth for a night, but jo y cometh in the morning.

Our ecclesia suffered a loss on October 16, 1918, in the death of our beloved Brother G. A. Whitford. He had been a sufferer from heart trouble for years. He was sick but a few days and I do not believe he suffered much pain. Brother Whitford had been active in the Truth here for years, his love and zeal never waning. He was always at the meetings and his interest was in the Truth only. He is survived by a wife and large family, but only one so far embraced the Truth, namely, our Brother Roy K. Whitford.

In these days of sorrow Brother Alex. T. Kay kindly and creditably lent his assistance in conducting the funerals of Brother G. A. Whitford and Miss Ruby Taylor. At these occasions as well as speaking words of comfort and consolation, he embraced the opportunity of setting forth the Word of Truth to the few who were allowed to attend, the law forbidding large public funerals to be held on account of the epidemic.

During the month of October we were compelled to close up our Chapel for public worship, so we either communed alone at our homes or in small groups, in accordance with the law, so that we did not fail to remember our absent Lord in the appointed way.

For the past few months we have held the Memorial Service in the evening before the regular lecture, because of enforced Sunday work some of our brethren have had to do. A good deal of that having been removed we are now holding our meeting in the morning, Sundays at 11 a.m., Sunday School 10 a.m., Wednesday night 8 p. m. All Brethren are cordially invited to attend when in this vicinity.

We truly are thankful that this terrible world conflict is over and that for a time at least we can think of peace, but as we are the children of the light and not of the night, let us so conduct ourselves with clean hands and pure hearts, that we be not overtaken as by a thief in the night, but rather when "He shall appear have confidence and not be ashamed before Him at His coming.”


A. M. Renshaw, Secy.