November 2020 | Vol. 1 No. 11


Jesus’ Final Recorded Words to John

With Christ in Heaven and the death of the Apostles, there was no more direct communication from Christ. But before the Apostle John died, Christ used him to send one last message to encourage and strengthen the faith of believers who had not experienced the direct teachings of Christ or his apostles. Christ’s revelation foretold how world events would play out from that time forward, leading up to the Kingdom of God. It gave commendations and condemnations to ecclesias in existence at that time, for the benefit of those they were given to as well as for future ecclesias and believers. Jesus warned of difficult times ahead for believers, but offered the promise that if they would endure to the end, they would be given a crown of life.


The One Who is “Not Against Us is For Us

As a body, we should be very circumspect about whom we view as “for us.” While we may fall within that shrinking minority confessing God and regularly attending worship services, do we all really share a common hope? Far from it! The churches of the world, evangelical politicians, and social commentators, don’t believe in the promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Are those who decry the state of the world directing their lives after the manner and example of Jesus? Again no, for as often as not, they are practicing and spreading heresy… We must remember that broader Christendom does not know or respect the Truth, nor do they reflect the spirit of Christ. Our responsibility is succinctly addressed, He that hath my word, let him speak my word faithfully.

Advocate November 2020
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