Memory Verse Box

Any person familiar with Bible study knows how important it is to commit the Scripture to memory and equally knows how difficult that task can be. How often are verses "memorized " then immediately forgotten, at least partially, when we knew it so well just weeks before?

A memory verse box is a fantastic way to learn many verses and actually commit them to memory with just a few minutes of practice a day. These box systems are not unique and there are so many ways to personalize the way you do it to fit your family's learning style. Five minutes around the breakfast table and you will all be on your way to memorizing God's word. So just get started with it, you'll probably be amazed how many verses you already know.

To start your memory verse box you will need:

  • A box to hold your verses

  • Index cards

  • Tabbed index cards

  • A list of verses you'd like to remember

How to set up your memory verse box:

  • Create tabbed index cards for each day of the week (Monday-Sunday), each day of the month (label 1-31), and "even", "odd" and "daily". You should have 41 tabbed cards total. Arrange them in your box in this order: Daily, Odd, Even, Days of the Week, 1-31

  • Fill out as many index cards with verses you'd like to learn as well as verses you already are fairly familiar with. This collection will build the more you use your memory verse box.

  • Place the verses you already know behind the numbered tabs, one verse per tab

  • The rest of the verses you'd like to memorize just go in the back of the box for future use.

How to use your memory verse box:

  • Each day practice the verse(s) behind the tabbed dividers corresponding to the date. For example, on Tuesday May 19 you will begin with your Daily verse, then Odd (19), Tuesday, and finally 19. If you're just starting, you'll only have a Daily verse (the verse you are currently memorizing) and a verse you're familiar with in the date of the month tab.

  • As you start memorizing, move cards back in order in your box. Daily verses become Odd or Even, Odd/Even cards move back to Day of the Week tabs and a new card fills the Daily slot. They will continue moving backwards until you've filled your entire box.

  • You never have too many verses. If you fill your entire box, start doubling up in your date of the month tabs!

  • You'll practice five memory verses daily and as they become more familiar your newest verse will move from daily practice, to every other day, weekly and then monthly so they will never be forgotten.

Enjoy learning the Scriptures with your family or ecclesia in this fun way. What an accomplishment when your box and minds are full of God's word!