LESSONS | Children's Lessons, 2020 Highlights

This year, the Christadelphian Advocate expanded its mission to include growing a digital resource library of various media types and study materials for Bible students. This year we also worked to provide resources for our community's youngest learners. Do you have work that might be a valuable resource to others? Please consider submitting it to us for review. Be sure to check out our digital resource page for all of the work submitted. Below are a 5 annual highlights of the Sunday School resources we've generated in 2020. 1. Paul's Passport

A study of Paul's missionary journeys is nothing less that thrilling for young and old Bible students alike. This PDF contains a printable passport, location stamps and ideas for taking your students on a tour with Brother Paul as he spreads the Gospel throughout the then-known world. Find this lesson here.

2. Jonah & the Whale

Directions and images for Jonah ball-and-cup craft geared toward young Sunday School students. Find the lesson here. 3. Bible Stories for Children (Audio)

An initial offering of Audio recordings of children's Bible Stories can be found here and here.

4. Joseph's Coat of Many Colors

The story of Joseph is memorable and exciting for children, not to mention full of wonderful lessons. This quick hands-on activity requires very little set up and is sure to entertain your young class. Find the craft here.

5. Moses & The Bulrushes

Create a baby Moses in the bulrushes using modular papercraft. Find the craft here.