June 2020 | Vol. 1 No. 6

The Sayings of Jesus from the Cross

John indicates that Jesus, during the last few minutes of his life, uttered the words “I thirst,” thereby fulfilling the prophecy of Psalm 69:21. Jesus had been hanging on the crucifixion stake for just shy of six hours when he said these words, after which he received wine from a soldier in

response. He had been severely scourged and crucified and would have lost considerable blood and been dehydrated. Just before his crucifixion, Jesus had been offered a drink by the Roman soldiers described as wine mixed with gall, which he refused. The wine he was offered while

hanging on the stake was a different drink...

Q&A – The Impact of the COVID-19 Virus

What does the Bible say about such plagues and what should our response be? What was Yahweh’s intended purpose in bringing it upon the earth? Surely there are lessons that we should take to heart as with any trial and major disruption in our lives. We must not simply stumble through this crisis and hope everything ends quickly so we can return to our lives as before. God is trumpeting His end-time warning message to us and the world through this work… We must heed this wake-up call and act while the warning is still going out, for one must seek God while he may be found, redeeming the time remaining...

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