January 2021 | Vol. 2 No. 13


Introduction to Women of the Bible

We can be sure that when God turned His focus to women in the Scriptures, there were intended lessons and examples given to command our attention. We will concentrate on the roles prominent women played in God’s plan and purpose, drawing lessons applicable to our faith and our walk. Though man was created first, it would be short-sighted to believe that Genesis 2:18 – It is not good that the man should be alone… suggests that the creation of the woman was an afterthought instead of a dramatic unfolding of God’s perfectly planned creation to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth: first a man, then a perfect complement to man. Lord willing we will examine a select sampling of the women named in the Scriptures, of which only 49 have their spoken words recorded…


Darwin's Idol

God expresses His disgust for idolatry throughout the Bible. Do we not wonder how men and women could ever come to think that some inanimate object could be a deity worthy of worship? How could objects that have no life, like the sun and moon, be revered as gods? Our definition of an idol is a material object, living or non-living, or an immaterial force like the wind, to which properties of consciousness are ascribed.What Darwin offered as a substitute for the work of the Creator was an idol. The idol was not in the form of a graven image, but it was an idol nevertheless. Something that did not breathe or move or have any sensory perception was deified; to the idol was ascribed the properties associated with consciousness. Darwin called his idol “Natural Selection.” In his book he often capitalized references to it in the same way that one might capitalize references to the Deity…

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