Hated by the World

Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hate you. (1 John 3:13)

Question: It seems that Christians are being despised and even discriminated against more and more by the “powers that be” and others in the world that do not share their conviction of faith; and extreme evangelicals are only making matters worse. Is it possible that our freedom of worship could be taken from us if time goes on?



We certainly hope and pray that the freedom of worship that we enjoy will not be taken away or affected in any way. It is also true that it shouldn’t be taken for granted and could be viewed as becoming more “fragile” based on recent events and the attitudes of some in our country. As we contemplate this question, we would like to consider how the view of Christians has been affected in the past, and how reverse discrimination is very much at play in our society today.

The Scriptures do make it clear that, as believers, we can expect to face some form of persecution from the world-at-large as the day of our Lord’s return draws near. We recall what the Apostle Paul told Timothy,