December 2020 | Vol. 1 No. 12

Reconciling Religion & Reason


There is a need for credibility in virtually every facet of our lives. Family, friends, colleagues and coworkers all value our word on the basis of consistency and accuracy. If this is the case for our natural lives, we must then admit that our spiritual lives require an even deeper attentiveness to truth. Rightly dividing the word of Truth requires a methodical and thorough approach to the study of Scripture. Our care for the Truth is a necessity, regardless of when or where we might exhort, converse, advise, or otherwise act upon Biblical principles… If we are to create a culture of reason in our religious lives, we must be prepared for the inevitable mistakes we, and others, will make along the way…

From our Past

What is Mortality?

The scriptural account of the "nature" of man is unfortunately a contentious matter. As Brother Williams observed, “…having much prejudice to contend with… there is a popular side to this question, and it has bred and fostered a sensitiveness which makes the task of reducing it to reason and subjecting it to the light of Scripture a difficult one”… A lengthy and most comprehensive article – What is Morality?… was published in two parts in the September and October 1920 Advocates. Part 1 addressed the nature of man, observing “there has been a great deal of speculation upon the nature of man, while Part 2 addressed mortality in relation to JesusSeven questions posed and addressed reflect some of the same questions and confusion we observe still with us today…

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